Pintchik Discount Hardware: Vintage Inspired Retro Homes

Bergdorf Goodman: Natural Order

Bergdorf Goodman Fifth Avenue windows now host neutral territories… But with a wry smile. Blending Spring’s Neutral palette against a blank canvas and familiar vintage mannequin parts, Hoey highlights a delicate assortment of shoes, accessories and Ready-to-Wear pieces. Hiding behind this tranquil display is David’s signature wit: seemingly towering vintage mannequins that peek through a … Continue reading

Bergdorf Goodman: Wheels

Bicycle, velocipede, roller skate, airplane, scooter, car, luggage carrier, tire, wheelbarrow, wagon…

Bergdorf Goodman: President Day 2011

Specially-printed bandannas were a significant part of the political arena in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  By 1800, bandannas were being produced to commemorate events such as the American Revolution and the Federal Period.  

Urban Outfitters: Long pink plastic dangling down ribbons

Brook Farm General Store: There’s something for everyone

Brook Farm General Store is a small shop on the south side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A neighborhood store, modeled on the traditional general stores of New York City, but with a modern interpretation. A store with a comfortable, inviting environment, selling well-made items from around the world. Vintage rolling pins, tea, soap, hammam towels, brushes, … Continue reading

Cole Haan: Love The Lace-UP!

Anthropologie: I know where the missing furniture pieces are!


NY Design Room: Say goodbye to old-store. The new one is coming soon!

The shop offers off the rack and made-to-measure clothes, accessories and jewelry and is worth a visit for its “workshop in a store” concept and periodic art exhibits.

MXYPLYZYK: Stories of Color in the city Of Light

The store is pronounced Mix-ee-pliz-ik (Inspired by a character in early Superman comics) A small shop that carries quirky yet practical home-décor goods and specialty gift items.