ShoeWoo: Little Miss Raindrop

Louis Vuitton: Spring Shine and Honeybee’s

Bloomingdale’s HOT Spring 2011: So Put Together

Win a fashion dream in NYC. 11 days of new trends + fashion happenings. Don’t miss out the in store functions.

H&M: Hot air balloons floating in windows

Bloomingdale’s February 2011 Windows: Color Block

Barneys 2011 Window: Glowing In The Darkest Night

The Windows of Barneys, each dedicated to a different designer, and each given a different glowing color.

Sale Ideas: Yaaay! It’s the SALE season again in NYC!

Yaaay! It’s the SALE season again in NYC!  

Levi’s: 2010 Holiday Window Displays of Levi’s on Lexington Avenue has a bit of holiday cheer.

Holiday Window Displays of Levi’s on Lexington Avenue has a bit of holiday cheer. Decked out with framed old-fashioned landscape paintings and snow covered cut-out trees and a snowman can give a sense of a winter wonderland.  


Lexington Avenue Bloomingdale’s windows feature more than 100 digital signage displays of various sizes arranged in a mosaic. An animation of a winter landscape is timed at different intervals across each screen ending with a word: hope, peace, merry, happy and joy superimposed over the background.    

ShoeWoo Windows: Have you ever lost a Big Pink Shoe on the Upper East Side?

Cinderella lost one shoe… And she got the handsome prince. I wish you good luck 🙂