Anthropologie: Cork

Anthropologie: Never ending story of fabric pieces

Anthropologie: Hangers, Hangers, Hangers…

Another awesome Anthropologie display with hangers, but this time paper covered metal ones.  

Anthropologie: I know where the missing furniture pieces are!


Anthropologie wall ideas: Keep me hangin’ on!

Anthropologie: Don’t Forget to Tag Off!

Another fantastic Anthropologie dress made of colorful tags for Chelsea Market Windows, NYC.

Anthropologie: Magnificent Zipper Dress

This magnificent dress made of zippers, recycled paper and fabric. Stands in display very quiet and beautiful.

Anthropologie: Adventures in Dress Making

It seems like the creatives at Anthropologie are always innovating, coming up with beautiful, inspired, and unique displays.

Anthropologie Hangers: Now you can find it faster!

Hangers are a critical part of any clothing display. Using the hangers will help you find what you are looking for much faster. Anthropologie create with hangers in various colors a beautiful visual look again.  

Anthropologie: When was the last time you saw a cuckoo clock?

Old granny classics are cool again! It’s so popular because it’s nostalgic. Updated with modern materials and nice colors.  I think they are a beautiful touch!