Desigual: Color Share

Kleinfeld Bridal Manhattan: Mini details

ShoeWoo: Little Miss Raindrop

Victoria’s Secret: Incredible

Louis Vuitton: Spring Shine and Honeybee’s

Swarovski: And the spring comes with butterflies

Saks Fifth Avenue: The Fendi Look

KESSLER’S: Grand Marnier. See you apres!

Tiffany & Co.: Locked doors

The combination of the lighting, upside down tree, doors, clouds, beautiful sky, and Tiffany’s jewelry locks, made for a breathtaking window display at Fifth Avenue.

Bergdorf Goodman: Natural Order

Bergdorf Goodman Fifth Avenue windows now host neutral territories… But with a wry smile. Blending Spring’s Neutral palette against a blank canvas and familiar vintage mannequin parts, Hoey highlights a delicate assortment of shoes, accessories and Ready-to-Wear pieces. Hiding behind this tranquil display is David’s signature wit: seemingly towering vintage mannequins that peek through a … Continue reading